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Canadian Citizenship Test Help Service – Testimonials from our happy students!

Canadian Citizenship Test Help Service – Testimonials

What some of our happy customers have to say about our Canadian citizenship test help service:

I received my examination notice via post only 2 weeks before my test date. In a panic I buy the membership to your site. I listen to the audio guide while driving to work. I took several practice tests every day. I scored 95% on my Canadian citizenship test. Your services were very good and I felt really well prepared. —S. Gupta (from India)

Frankly, the Canadian citizenship test has so many details and particular wording to remember that even I, as a native English speaker, found the section tests and practice tests to be very difficult. I didn’t even get a passing grade of 30% at first, but this was before I read the book and went through the section tests very carefully. What I really liked about this company’s section tests is that the same question is delivered in different ways, worded in slightly different ways, so that you really have to nail the concept and fact exactly. I am happy to report a 100% pass on my test! I was very pleased with this Canadian citizenship test help service. It is inexpensive and better than the other options out there. –Mark H (from Ireland)

I fail the test the first time. I was too nervous to pass it on my second time. I don’t want to see the judge. I don’t have practice with history. It was very confusing and long. The words were difficult for me. My husband bought this membership. I studied every day for three weeks and scored very well on my test. I understood most of it. I am very pleased. This is an excellent service. —A. Akwasi (from Ghana)

I waited too long to start studying for the Canadian citizenship test . I listened to the manual on the train to work, took several practice tests a day for a week right on my phone, and was able to pass the test the first time. Thanks for your help. This was a very good Canadian citizenship test help service.--Ivan K, (from Russia)

I scored 19/20 on my Canadian citizenship test and finished it in just five minutes. I was so happy. There is no way I could learn all this information without your site. I have always worked to support my family and don’t have a lot of school. l and find it hard to read all the big words. Taking the chapter tests and the practice tests was very good. I know the hard words now. –Marisa B, (from the Philippines)

This is a very good service for the Canadian citizenship test, with many questions. I took the test recently with this service and scored 100%. It wasn’t too hard to study because the chapter tests help you practice all the small dates and people names that are hard to remember. Thank you for this testing service; very helpful. – R. Torinaso, Italy

A very good testing help service with high success rate. Glad I purchased it. –Paresh Patel, India

All the tests are very detailed and helpful. I was pleased to learn so much information so quickly.—R Ibrar, Pakistan

Je vous remercie pour cette service; j’ai reusssi a la premiere fois. Merci! —Joyce A, Cameroon

Well laid out and easy to use. I liked that I was able to track my progress so easily in the dashboard, and also the list of important people and dates for me was really key; there are just so many names and dates that sound identical in the Canadian citizenship test study guide.–Jake T., UK

I am glad to use this web site because there are too many names and dates on the book for me. Very good web site.—Jack N. Niger.

Chapter 3 was the most hard one for me; very good to have so many questions on all this history. I passed the Canadian citizenship test in just two weeks. Thank you. —Kim, Philippines

This is a very good Canadian citizenship test help service. I am a French speaker but moving to English Canada, so I took the training in English. Very good training. Easy to understand and practice. Very good questions.–Jean,

For more information about becoming a Canadian citizen, please visit the Government of Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website.

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