Where do most Canadian immigrants come from?

Canadian immigrants come mostly from where?

Wondering from where most Canadian immigrants originate? You guessed it; it’s the Philippines. More than 40,000 Filipinos became permanent residents of Canada in 2014. This is not a surprise; the Philippines was the major source country for Canadian immigrants in 2012 also. China held the honours in 2013. Canada also increased its number of visas issued to Filipinos, up to 47,000. This marks a whopping 56% increase since 2006. The stats from 10 years ago (2004 stats from Citizenship & Immigration Canada) show 14,004 immigrants from the Philippines. As you can see, that’s an increase of about 300% in just ten years.

Many Filipino families started out coming to Canada as nannies under the Caregiver Program. The 2015 Canadian immigration plan states that at least 26,000 caregivers will be converted to Canadian immigrants this year.

Canadian immigrants

Top source country for Canadian immigrants – the Philippines

There are now more than 700,000 people of Filipino descent in Canada, and this number is increasing constantly. Filipinos in Canada send a lot of money home to the Philippines, which is very happy to have this Canadian subsidy. Filipino workers in Canada fill important labour shortages and the Philippines benefits from the influx of Canadian money via remittances sent home from family working in Canada. The largest Filipino communities in Canada are in the greater Toronto area and Vancouver. There is also a significant Filipino settlement in Winnipeg and Calgary also.

Many Filipinos will first come on their own, then once they have achieved permanent resident status, such as what is provided via the Caregiver program, they start the path to transition their families into Canadian immigrants. They can eventually reunite in Canada en masse because Canadian immigration rules allow permanent residents to sponsor parents and grandparents also. This is largely responsible for the growth in numbers from the Philippines.

Filipino people continue a very old tradition of Canadian immigrants–coming from another country to make a better way of life for themselves and their loved ones.

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