Quebec Skilled Worker Program Lower Pass Mark

Welcome Changes to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Another pro-immigrant move by the much-maligned province of Quebec! The province has lowered the pass mark it requires for obtaining the valuable Quebec Selection Certificate, a pre-requisite for getting into the immigrant track in Quebec. Secondly, the province has gotten rid of the subjective adaptability factor from the points-based assessment. It does sound complex and silly, but that’s Canadian red tape for you. This is good news for potential immigrants and their families.

The next round of applications for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program will be announced before the end of 2015; right now the program is not accepting new applications. But, the next round is expected to have room for 6,300 applicants!

The anticipated results of these program changes are that Quebec will choose its highly skilled workers in a more consistent, objective and effective way. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program uses the normal points based system calculated based on area of training and education, related work experience, age, language proficiency in French, existing relationship with Quebec (such as family or visits), and the human capital potential of the applicant’s partner (if applicable), a relevant job offer in Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Lowers Pass Mark

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Lowers Pass Mark

Once an applicant has got the minimum points for all these factors–and applicants who meet all these requirements are already a golden crop–then s/he can seek additional points for accompanying dependent children and economic self-sufficiency. So the bar is very high to begin with!

Other requirement highlights of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

By the way, if you don’t have French proficiency, you are still welcome to apply for this program, especially if your expertise is in a high-demand field. You do need to plan to live in Quebec; this is a requirement. And, you can also simultaneously apply to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program as well as a federal Express Entry stream. Ka-ching for your immigration lawyer! But, you will have to withdraw one application if you receive the Quebec Selection Certificate or the federal ITA (Invitation to Apply).

High-demand professions in Quebec that the province’s immigration program is targeting include Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Accounting, Translation, Banking and Financial Operations.


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