Parent Grandparent Program for Canadian immigrants

Parent Grandparent Program January 2016

Good news! Citizenship and Immigration Canada is going to reopen the Parent Grandparent Program in January 2016! This program lets Canadian permanent residents as well as Canadian citizens sponsor their parents and grandparents who live out of country. The family members are enabled to immigrate as Canadian permanent residents. After fulfilling the standard residency requirements, these family members can then transition to Canadian citizenship.

The last time the Parent Grandparent Program program ran, in early 2015, the quota of 5000 applications was reached in just a couple days. The Parent Grandparent Program won’t be open for very long, since it is a very popular program, so be sure to get ready if you would like to sponsor your family members. You will need to submit your application the very day the program opens in January 2016 or your application is likely to be returned!

So far, we don’t have the exact date of the program launch, nor any information on whether or not it’s different than the 2015 program. Regardless, one thing is certain: you will need your documents ready to go before January 2016.

Here’s what we do know: the Canadian family member who sponsors his or her grandparents must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of 18 years of age or older, exceeding the minimum necessary income level (proven with your tax returns), and promise to provide financial support for 10 years.

If the sponsor is married or in a common-law relationship (that means living together for more than 3 years but not married), then the income of both together will be counted. And, the 10 year period of sponsorship starts from the moment residency is granted.

If you miss the cap for this program, you can also try to apply for a Super Visa. This isn’t a Canadian immigration program. However, parents and grandparents can come to Canada as long term visitors, receiving multiple-entry visas valid for up to 10 years.

Wondering what difference the upcoming election will make on this program? Not sure yet. Liberals and NDP have both promised to increase the cap or even remove it.

Make sure you get your head start! Here is the link to the CIC information on the Parent Grandparent Program from last year:


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Parent Grandparent Program

Parent Grandparent Program

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