Ontario Canadian Immigration Express Entry

Ontario Canadian Immigration Express Entry

Our most populous province has launched 2 new immigration streams for Ontario Canadian Immigration Express Entry through a program with a great acronym, OOPNP. This stands for the Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program. The two programs are the French-speaking Skilled Worker stream and the Human Capital Priorities Stream. Just like the Saskatchewan Canadian Immigration Express Entry stream we mentioned in our previous blog post, being accepted to one of these new streams gets you an extra 600 points on your Comprehensive Ranking System and an invitation to apply for permanent residence (you’ll have to do this within 60 days of getting your invitation, leaving no time at all for dilly dally.)


The Ontario Canadian Immigration Express Entry has been eagerly anticipated! Most immigrants to Canada still hope to end up in Ontario, so many candidates in the Express Entry stream were waiting for some short cut, and here it is! What do you need to be able to apply? Well, you need to already be in the Express Entry stream for immigration. Candidates also need 400 CRS points or have French language proficiency in order to get a PT Notification of Interest from the OOPNP. In fact, candidates are already receiving these, so it’s pretty exciting. Candidates who register for Express Entry and wish to obtain a PT Notification of Interest have to state their intent to immigrate to either Ontario or All Provinces and Territories. They have to be eligible to enter the pool through either the Federal skilled Worker Program, or the Canadian Experience Class. If you’re only eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program, then you are not able to apply for this stream sorry.

So, for the Ontario Human Capital Priorities stream of the Ontario Canadian Immigration Express Entry, candidates need at least 400 points on their CRS score. Uh, this is a score that has to stay at 400 or higher during both the Ontario nomination processing stage and the federal application for permanent residence processing stage. All candidates need at least 1 year of continuous full-time work experience, and a Canadian bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PHD. All language proficiency grades must be 7 or higher in either English or French. Here’s the link to Ontario’s Immigration Portal: http://www.citizenship.gov.on.ca/english/?_ga=1.92131034.1586640070.1434935629

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