New Canadians Share Great Leadership Qualities

New Canadians Share Great Leadership Qualities

What makes a great leader? What are new Canadians looking for from the winner of our next federal election? Here new Canadians share great leadership qualities from our recent survey.

New Canadians Share Great Leadership Qualities

New Canadians Share Great Leadership Qualities

“A great leader convinces others why their position is best. They don’t just put their foot down.”

“A great leader admits when she or he is wrong. This is a strength. Nobody is right 100% of the time.”

“Leadership is when you have good character and you are willing to do the right thing no matter what.”

” A great leader is an honest man or woman who can convince others to behave in a way befitting the public trust.”

“Something I want out of a leader in politics is trustworthiness. How sincere can leaders be? Do they do their own social media messages? Do they write their own speeches, and when you hear them read the speeches, do they sound honest? Can you believe them?”

“Leaders must be smart, objective, able to see the big picture while cutting through the crap.”

“A good leader keeps her promises and puts the needs of the country before her own needs.”

“A strong leader is someone who can balance the needs of many different communities and sift out what is best for the country as a whole.”

“A great leaders is able to set realistic goals and keep them.”

“Great leaders are honest and reliable, and keep their promises, and when they can’t keep a promise, they explain why and convince the people that their new decision is best for the country instead of what they had promised before.”

“A great leader will keep the greed of business in check, and balance the need for economic growth against the need for responsibility to the community and to the earth.”

“Great leaders have vision. They can see what will make the quality of life better for Canadians. They have the brains and willpower to realize their vision. They can create enough unity from division to ensure progress keeps rolling.”


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