New Brunswick Express Canadian Immigration Program

New Brunswick Express Canadian Immigration Program

New Brunswick Express Canadian Immigration Program

New Brunswick Express Canadian Immigration Program


The New Brunswick Express Canadian Immigration program has published who are its priority candidates. First are those with an existing connection to the province. Second are those who have attended a New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NB PNP) information session within the last 2 years. And the third priority is given to those who are able to demonstrate that they can get economically established in New Brunswick. That means they’ll also have to show that they have training and experience in a high-priority sector.

So what does having a connection to New Brunswick mean? You have to be working in New Brunswick, have post-secondary training and credentials from an accredited New Brunswick school, have relatives living in the province for at least a year as permanent residents, have worked full time in the province for 1 year of the last 5 years, have a full time, permanent offer of employment from a company located in New Brunswick, have French as your first language along with the TEF certificate validating your language skills while also being in one of the high-priority professions. So that’s a lot to choose from! Note that if you speak and write French fluently, you’ve got a lot of extra potential for this program.

To prove that you’ve attended the NB-PNP info session, you’ll have to have some proof of registration to show. By the way, some of these sessions are offered out of the country, in the Philippines (Cebu City, Manila) this month, so check it out!

Finally, what are the priority occupations that qualify you for this program?

Here is a list of the high-priority sectors:

  • Information technology: programmers, analysts, technical customer support, sales;
  • Business analysts;
  • Retail trade managers;
  • Hospitality managers, chefs with formal professional education;
  • Manufacturing managers;
  • Industrial mechanics;
  • Industrial electricians;
  • Bookkeepers;
  • Translators (English-French); and
  • Financials analysts and accountants (certified in Canada)


For more information about immigrating to New Brunswick, please read here:

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