Mid-year express entry report from Citizenship Immigration Canada

Citizenship Immigration Canada publishes its mid-year express entry report

Guess what, the mid-year update from Citizenship Immigration Canada shows that the express entry pool–from all the provinces’ various programs–will be the main source of Canadian immigration applications under the economic status.

Also exciting for Canadian immigrants and permanent residents is that July 2015 turned out to be the month with the lowest CRS requirement ever on the express entry draw!

As you may know, Citizenship Immigration Canada launched the express entry system only recently, on January 1, 2015, so this first mid-year report is very detailed and informative. And if you’re hoping to immigrate to Canada or apply for this express entry pool, you have every reason to be hopeful.

First of all, the future rounds of express entry applicants will be the main source to meet Canadian immigration targets after the “older inventories” are reduced–that means after CIC finishes handling the existing backlog of applicants. So newcomers have to wait out that processing time. But at least CIC has let us know that they’re hoping to sort that out in the very near future.

We’ve also learned, from this mid-year report, that the express entry applicant pool is growing pretty quickly–at a whopping 1500 applicants per week!

Who has received invitations to apply already? Mainly those who have job offers in high-priority sectors (i.e, supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment). What this means is that most invited applicants (actually 85.5%) are already residents of Canada because they live and work here.

From which countries do candidates originate? India and the Philippines each supply about 20% of the invited candidates. Next about 10% from the UK and Ireland, about 5% from the USA, about 4% from China, and then South Korea, France, Australia and Mexico. 31% come from other countries that make up smaller percentages than these countries. So there is great diversity in the pool of invited candidates for the express entry system. You don’t need to be from the Philippines or India to get in!

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Citizenship Immigration Canada

Citizenship Immigration Canada

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