Canadian permanent residents – Via student status

Foreign students’ becoming Canadian permanent residents

In my previous article, I’d written about how studying in Quebec can offer a potential path to be Canadian permanent residents via the temporary post-graduate work permit. If your degree is 4 year, then you can apply for up to a 3 year work permit. If your study program is only 12 months, well, you can still get a temporary work permit of 12 months also! Which is a great opportunity!

Canadian permanent residents - study in Quebec to get there!

Canadian permanent residents – study in Quebec to get there!

We’d spoken how awesome it is to study in Quebec, which offers world class schools in both French and English, Canada’s two official languages. During the time of your work permit, consider the Canadian permanent resident immigrant streams into Canada that flow from Quebec. These are the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and the Quebec Experience Class. This second program is commonly known by its French acronym, PEQ. That stands for Programme de l’experience Quebecoise.

So who can apply to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program? Students who are finishing their academic studies in Quebec, and if you hold a valid Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) and study permit. You have to be at least done half of your academic program, and that program must be one that is eligible for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. You also need to be ready to enter the workforce. Like all other Canadian immigration workstreams, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program uses a points-based system to judge and choose applicants they think most suitable and qualified for settling in Quebec.

What about the Quebec Experience Class as a path for Canadian permanent residents? This has several advantages. It receives priority processing and has shorter processing times. There is in-house language training for student applicants. There is not a points system; age is not a factor, and there are no application limit caps (limiting the number of people who are accepted). Finally, it is a more flexible program; you can apply before you’re done school, and you can apply up to 3 years after you graduate! This is definitely a more student-oriented stream to Canadian permanent residence. You need the right combo of education and language skills: an eligible degree from a recognized Quebec school and intermediate to advanced language skills in Quebec.


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