Canadian Permanent Resident Status Via Studying in Quebec

Studying in Quebec Offers Path to Canadian Permanent Resident Status

Quebec welcomes about 45,000 immigrants per year, giving them Canadian Permanent Resident Status. Quebec has always been an exciting place for students and immigrants to live and work.

The cultural sophistication and diversity have been a draw for francophone immigrants worldwide to seek Canadian Permanent Resident Status. But guess what, not all post-secondary institutions (these are colleges and universities) need students to speak and study in French. Like McGill, some of the most important and prestigious schools are Anglophones.

Students in Quebec? Path to Canadian Permanent Resident Status

Students in Quebec? Path to Canadian Permanent Resident Status

In addition to universities with impressive international reputations, like McGill and Concordia, there are many polytechnic schools and modern colleges for arts and trades. Four of Canada’s largest universities call Montreal home: McGill, Laval, Bishops and Concordia. This actually gives Montreal the highest percentage of university students in its population of any city in North America except for Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.

Another plus of studying in Quebec is that post-secondary education in the province is more affordable than in other Canadian provinces, and also much less expensive than in the United States. In fact, the average tuition paid by students in Quebec happens to be the lowest in Canada! There are also many student aid programs from which foreign students may also benefit. The best schools are not English-only; in fact, the network of Quebec schools has leading-edge education with a superb reputation in both of Canada’s official languages, English and French.

So the question you may want answered now is, “How does being a Quebec student get me Canadian Permanent Resident Status? The typical path is via the post-graduate work permit, which can last for up to three years. Three years is what four-year degree programs are eligible for. If your academic study was only 12 months, you can still get a long work permit, for up to 12 months!

Your work permit gives you temporary resident status in Canada. To move to permanent resident status in Quebec you must apply and be chosen by the province. If you are chosen, you will receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (this is called a CSQ). You’ll need to do your usual criminal and health inspections to satisfy the government of Canada. After this point, you can apply for Canadian permanent residence via the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and the Quebec Experience Class. I’ll be writing more on these topics later on!

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