Canadian Immigration News August 2015

What’s happening in Canadian immigration news

Here’s some bullets regarding what’s new in Canadian immigration news right this month; read on!

  • The 14th draw this year for the Express Entry selection system was completed on August 7, 2015, with 1,402 invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence issued to applicants. Candidates with 471 points or more in the comprehensive ranking system were awarded the invitations. So, this marks an increase in the CRS points requirement from the previous month. There are an increasing number of Canadian provinces introducing Express Entry streams, giving hopeful Canadian immigrants many new paths to permanent residence in Canada.
  • Quebec has changed the selection procedure for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (the acronym for this program is QSWP). This is the province’s principal immigration program. The program is going to use the points-based system to be more objective. The “adaptability” points allocation has been removed. These changes are already in effect and apply to applications that have already been submitted. An applicant’s work experience, area of training, proof of self-sufficiency, language proficiency, and training of the applicant’s spouse matter more now.

    Canadian Immigration News

    Canadian Immigration News

Some immigration functions for Quebec will move from Mexico City to Montreal. Anyone who has corresponded with the Mexico City office should now correspond directly with the Montreal office. Here’s the new address for immigration correspondence: Eastern European Service, Americas, Asia and Middle East Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion, 285 Notre-Dame Street West, Fourth Floor Montreal, PQ H2Y 1T8, Canada.

  • Manitoba will increase its funding for settling newcomers to the province. The program is called the Manitoba Start Program, and the allocation of funds is $3 million. The aim is to help new immigrants as well as those thinking of moving to the province to find professionally-related work. The services include job-matching, referral and guidance, profession-specific resource guides and career development curriculum guides. This is to help address the fact that some highly educated immigrants end up working in lower-skilled occupations.

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