Canada seeks to increase numbers of immigrants!

According to the Canadian minister of immigration, Canada seeks to increase numbers of immigrants coming to Canada, which is great news for all those who are considering PR or immigrant status, whether within or outside of this country!

Canada seeks to increase numbers of immigrants

Canada seeks to increase numbers of immigrants

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, John McCallum, has stated his intention to “substantially increase” the number of new immigrants to Canada in order to fill labour shortages, with a three-year immigration plan expected to be unveiled this fall (autumn).

“Why not substantially increase the number of immigrants coming to Canada? And that is, I think, I hope, what we are about to do . . . the direction in which I would like to go is to increase substantially the number of immigrants,” McCallum said last week to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Manila, Philippines.

“We’re going to reduce some of the barriers in our immigration system . . . we think it can be simplified. We think there are some rules which are no longer necessary,” added McCallum.

“Now, we have to convince Canadians of this. But I think it’s a good idea.”

Most new permanent residents to Canada arrive through one of the many economic immigration programs, which aim to attract skilled newcomers who have the ability to settle in Canada successfully. These programs include the federal economic immigration programs processed through the Express Entry selection system, as well as the various Provincial Nominee Programs and the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (which accepted 5,000 new applications for processing earlier this week).

While the 2016 immigration levels plan sought to increase the overall number of new immigrants to Canada this year, the economic categories together saw a slight decrease in their overall numbers, with the government seeking first to boost numbers through family reunification and refugee/humanitarian programs.

However, with the Minister of Immigration having associated the desired ‘substantial increase’ in numbers with resolving labour shortages, it is likely that the new plan will seek to increase the number of immigrants through the economic programs, as these programs specify positive labour market outcomes as a primary objective. This may be done without reducing immigration through other categories, as the overall number is expected to increase.

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