Failed Citizenship test?

What happens if you Failed canadian Citizenship testFailed Citizenship test, ugh! Worst case scenario…what happens if you fail the Canadian Citizenship Test? All is not lost. But, your application for citizenship will take that much longer. If you meet all other requirements for citizenship, such as proficiency in English or French, and residency requirements, you will be given the opportunity to take the test again. You might be scheduled in a few weeks, or it could take as long as a few months.

If you failed the test for Canadian Citizenship a second time..well, then it gets more difficult. You don’t get to take the written test a third time. You will get scheduled to meet with a judge. This is another big delay in getting your citizenship. As you can imagine, it’s much better to put in a little study time and pass the test.

When you meet with the judge, he or she will check if you meet the language and residency requirements by reviewing your documents. Then, he or she will ask you up to twenty questions from the Discover Canada Study.

So, if you think that by meeting with the judge, you won’t have to know the Study Guide, you are mistaken. The judge may choose to ask only questions from the Rights & Responsibilities section; make sure you can name all the rights and responsibilities and explain what they mean.