Discover Canada: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship (Study Guide )

Discover CanadaHere are the download text and audio files of Discover Canada: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. This is the document you need to know to pass your Canadian citizenship test.

These files come straight from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and are not edited by us at all. You can also get these documents right from the CIC website. You received the paper copy of the guide in the mail straight from CIC.

You can use these files from any device, mobile or laptop. If you’re a person who learns better while listening, then use the audio version of the guide.

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the rights and responsibilities of citizenshipCitizenship study guides, Questions and Tests.

Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship is  The Only official study guide for the citizenship test is accessible from Citizenship and Immigration Canada You can read, listen or download it for free this study guide will be sent to you by mail as well.

There are same very small differences between the digital, audio and print versions of Discover Canada study guide but these variations won’t influence your ability to prepare for the citizenship test.

Requirement for  applicants of age 14 to 64 :

  • Demonstrate a sufficient understanding of Canada and of the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship through a citizenship knowledge test in either French of English
  • demonstrate an adequate knowledge of French or English  Language Note: that the citizenship test is not used to evaluate an applicant’s understanding of French or English Language, Learn how language abilities are assessed.


how to study for exams

How to study for the citizenship exam.

First, let me say this it is no shortcuts you have to study and yes you can cheat, but you will get cut, and they will ask you to leave the room.

How can you best prepare for this test? How to use the Canadian citizenship test study guide? Sure, it is only 20 questions. But there is a lot of material to know. Maybe you’re working full time and don’t have the time to fill your head with lots of facts. Maybe you don’t have experience memorizing. Don’t panic. Here are some tips on how to make the best use of your time and brainpower, our very own Canadian citizenship test study guide. Read the guide once.

Then, read the first chapter. Do the Chapter test until you get most of the questions right.

Move to the next chapter. Read it, and do the Chapter tests. Repeat for all chapters.

When you are good at the Chapter tests, you are ready for the Practice Tests.

Plan to study at least 30 minutes each day.

Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown of how to study. Canadian citizenship test study guide – how to prepare? If you have three weeks to prepare, plan to spend at least 30 minutes per day doing practice tests and rechecking your knowledge against the guide. If your test is only a week away, intend to spend at least an hour per day studying. Remember, there is no instant fix. You need to do the chapter tests and the practice tests enough times to get familiar with the language and with choosing a right answer from four similar ones. Unless you have an excellent memory, you are unlikely to cram at the last minute and pass the test. Plan accordingly and you will pass with flying colors.

STEP ONE -> Getting Started with the Discover Canada Study Guide – A Read-Through

Read the guide through once. Take a couple days to do this if you need. This is a good way to get an idea of what’s in it, from start to finish. Don’t worry about all the details it contains on this first run through. Don’t read while you’re distracted with something else. Or, listen to the entire guide in audio format. This is helpful if you learn better by listening.

Put all your nervous thoughts out of your head. Your mind needs to be open to learning and if you’re nervous and fearful you won’t be able to learn anything.

Underline any big, new or legal terms you don’t understand and just keep reading. You don’t need to pause and look these up. Eventually, they will make sense, as you take the tests and re-read the Discover Canada Study Guide.

Constitutional Monarchy?

Parliamentary Democracy?

Ordered Liberty?

Fundamental characteristic?

Gender-based violence?


STEP TWO -> Next Steps: Tackle One Chapter at a Time

Do the chapters in order. The knowledge is cumulative. Some facts in later chapters are hard to understand without knowing the earlier chapters.

Start with the first chapter. Read it through carefully, taking a few moments to digest each section.

Take the chapter test for that chapter from our website. The chapter tests ask many questions but only from one chapter. They will test your knowledge about the same fact in different ways, with unique language. The idea is to learn to recognize the correct answer from among all the similar answers.

Repeat the chapter tests. They let you know which sections of the chapter you need to understand better.

Go back and read that section of the Guide.

Take the chapter test again.

If you are really struggling with one chapter, begin studying the next chapter.

Continue to test for the first chapter. With your focus moved to the next chapter, you will relax about the chapter you’re struggling with.

STEP THREE -> Finally, The Practice Tests! Once you have taken the chapter tests and are passing, you are ready to take the practice tests. These are simulations of the official tests. They are timed. They consist of 20 questions taken from the entire guide. We have the largest question database of all the study websites. Here”s what to do: Take the practice test.

Review the questions you got wrong.

By now, you will know which chapter of the guide each question comes from. For the questions you got wrong, review that section of the guide so you can firm up your knowledge.


Canadian citizenship test study guide – how to prepare?

The study guide files are provided directly from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and are not modified by us. Here is the version information for your reference: © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2012, Ci1-11/2012E, ISBN 978-1-100-20116-0