Reason to chose us vs another online Canadian Citizenship Test training help site

We have helped many newcomers to Canada and long-time residents prepare for and pass the Canadian Citizenship Test. Why choose us instead of a free site or another online training help site? Our secrets:

The largest database of questions.

We have the largest database of questions for the Canadian Citizenship Test, nearly 1500+. We have extra sections that other sites don’t offer. For example, we cover the Oath of Citizenship and the Introduction to the guide, which details Canada’s organization as a constitutional monarchy and we have quizzes specifically for  Important People and Important Dates.

More online practice tests.

Why choose us? We have more online practice tests than other study guide websites. On the official test, you have to choose one correct answer from a few different but similar responses. It is tricky. We help you get used to the official test format and how to choose the best answer.

Exact wording of the Discover Canada Study Guide.

Our test questions use the exact wording of the Discover Canada Study Guide in many different combinations. This helps you get familiar with the wording so you can choose the right answer.

Quizzes contain no dummy questions.

There are no dummy questions with obvious wrong answers. All of our questions are hard and carefully worded.

Why choose us?

Why choose us? Tried and true. These questions were prepared by an immigrant to Canada. He struggled to learn the Study Guide also. He prepared this database of questions and testing practice system. This took him from an initial 20% initial failing grade to a final passing grade of 100% on the official Canadian Citizenship Test with this preparation system. On the first try. In just 3 weeks of study.

Test  design to be 100% mobile friendly.

canadian citizenship test: mobile frendlyStudy from anywhere: you can log in from any device wherever you are. This site also works well on mobile devices. You can study from your phone, tablet, desktop computer and laptop.

Immediate access to all the questions.

Why choose us?

Why choose us? Having trouble with one particular chapter? No problem. In addition to practice tests, we have entire tests dedicated to each chapter of the Canadian Citizenship Test Study Guide. This is an excellent way to drill your knowledge on every aspect of the chapter in great detail. You won’t be surprised by the official test.

Extra study resources and tools

Why choose us? We provide excellent extra study resources and tools. Good, clear summaries of important people, important dates and links to where you can find your current elected and appointed representatives. These are requirements for the test, but are not included in this easy-to-digest format in the study guide. We have taken this info from the guide and presented it in these chronological / alphabetical lists for your convenience.

Your subscription is good for a whole year. You have a long time to prepare if needed.


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