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CCT Offering FREE PRACTICE TEST  to help you prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Official exam. Our quiz consists of Fortin separate section and contains 1500+ questions. The questions vary from easy one to very difficult; It is additionally important to note it is not the actual Canadian Citizenship Official test, but it questions is designed to help you build up your knowledge of subjects covered in OFFICIAL CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP GIDE (Discover Canada) and efficiently prepare for the actual exam.

Failure rate of Citizenship test

The failure rate on Canadian citizenship test has been low, about 4%, after new test been introduced 03/15/2010, failure rate increase to 30%.

About Citizenship Practice Test.

Quiz created to provide maximum help in your journey. Question and Answers have been UPDATED 2016 – According to with new study guide “Discover Canada”. The test consists of 14 separate section.

Canadian Citizenship Simulation and Practice Test

We have been trusted resources for individuals who want to become citizens of Canada. We offer an updated Canadian Citizenship Practice Test to help you prepare for the test. The test consists of tow sections practice quizzes for each chapter of “Discover Canada study guide” plus Important People and Important Dates section (1500 + questions in total) Second part is a simulation of official test, 20 questions wich have to bee completed in 30 min.

Design of Citizenship Test Questions

CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP TEST: Mobile FrendlyWe offer a broad range of Canadian citizenship test questions so you will be appropriately prepared for your exam. Questions You answer Correctly will not be pulled until you reset Chapter in this way you can focus on subjects more difficult for you.

Quiz design to be 100% mobile friendly ,so you can study on go.


For more information about the resources, you can browse the various sections of We are looking forward to providing you with the valuable information you need to help you prepare for becoming a Canadian citizen.

Disclaimer: the test we offer on is not the actual Canadian Citizenship test, the questions are specifically designed to help you quickly build your knowledge while preparing for the real test.

In order to become a Canadian Citizen, You have to pass the test.